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The FAU China Convoy Reunion Group organises the annual reunion of original members of the Convoy and is attended by their families and friends and those of Convoy members now deceased.

As well as organising the reunions, the group seeks to preserve the story of the Convoy by identifying memoirs, diaries, letters, photographs and other records relating to its history. As part of that process we are endeavouring to make contact with other Convoy members and their friends and families.

The purpose of this website is to support those endeavours and encourage wider participation in our undertakings. As well as describing the history of the China Convoy and its experiences, we have sought to outline the activities of the FAU as a whole and the broader context of conscientious objection during the Second World War. We hope that the site will promote understanding of the FAU China Convoy's experiences and achievements, and that it may provide a useful resource for researchers interested in the study of the FAU and of conscientious objection and of this period in China's history.

We would welcome enquiries from anyone seeking further information about the history of the China Convoy, and will endeavour to respond to all such enquiries as promptly as may be practicable. Should you wish to participate in our activities, or would like to make an enquiry about the China Convoy and the Reunion Group, you are invited to contact us

公 誼 救 護 隊 Gong Yi Jiu Hu Dui - the China Convoy's Chinese name which roughly translates as "public/justice friendship plead/save protect group" - it was also nicknamed "the public silence group